Highland Primary Schools Birdbox Project

Providing the Highlands with 500 Birdboxes


The Highland Primary Schools Birdbox Project is a deceptively simple plan; to supply each of the 175 primary schools across the Highland Council area with x10 birdboxes each over a four year period.  The boxes will be built at St. Mary’s School, Melrose using sustainable and recycled materials, and will be delivered by him and his family.  At the time of writing, all 450 boxes for the Project’s first year have been completed and Tom is working with the RSPB and Highland Council to create teaching resources to accompany them.  There will also be a bespoke social media platform where the boxes will be mapped using a GIS data mapping system and where pupils will be able to collate and share the results of their observations, in accordance with RSPB & British Trust for Ornithology best practice.  Tom was keen to expand the successful Borders Primary School Birdbox Project formula to the Highlands where he grew up and was delighted to receive the support of the Conservation Collective’s Highland and Islands Environment Foundation to do so.  This project will provide important additional nesting opportunities for our much-loved but threatened local, native birds whilst collecting valuable data and engaging thousands of schoolchildren with the wonders of the natural world on their doorstep.


“Scotland is an amazing part of the world and we are lucky to live in a country where our cities towns and villages are surrounded by wild places. The aim of the Highland Primary Schools Birdbox Project is to bring these wild places to the playgrounds of a generation of schoolchildren across the Highland Council region. With the help of the Conservation Collective’s Highland and Island Environment Foundation I hope to inspire those children to become the future guardians of our nation’s precious wildlife.”


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